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Legends of the Wild

How did the jaguar get its spots? How does the Andean condor carry the sun into the sky? Learn the answers to the legends of these animals and more in Legends of the Wild. Travel through South America with the jaguar and capybara, Madagascar with the lemurs and the Himalayan Mountains with the snow leopards.

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About Legends of the Wild


Legends of the Wild

Legends of the Wild features 16 animal habitats and a 30-foot waterfall.

The Story Behind Legends of the Wild

When you visit, you will notice that the animals in this area are not all from the same geographic area. Most of the animals in this area have a story or legend associated with them. Through scientific data we know these legends are not true, but are just fun stories to tell.  For example, it was believed by the native people of the Andes Mountains that condors brought up the sun every morning on their wings.

Jaguar & Snow Leopard Cubs

Two cat species, jaguars and snow leopards, in Legends of the Wild have had several successful litters. Five jaguar cubs and eight snow leopard cubs have been born since Legends of the Wild opened in 2005.

Animal Enrichment

Two of the exhibits in Legends of the Wild were built as a natural form of enrichment. The jaguar-capybara exhibit and the snow leopard-tahr exhibit show the natural relationship between predator and prey as the predators can see their potential wild prey through glass. However the prey can feel secure knowing their predators cannot reach them.

Animals at Legends of the Wild

Alpaca Andean Condor Axolotl Black & White Ruffed Lemur Capybara Cave-dwelling Rat Snake /*-------------------*/ Chilean Flamingo Giant Day Gecko Golden Mantellas Himalayan Tahr Hooded Merganser /*-------------------*/ Hyacinth Macaw Jaguars Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Madagascar Rain Frog Mandarin Poison Dart Frog Pygmy Slow Loris Red-ruffed Lemur /*-------------------*/ Ring-tailed Lemur Rodrigues Fruit Bat Rosy Billed Pochard Seba's Short Tailed Bat Sika Deer Snow Leopards Straw Colored Fruit Bat