Rock wall

How did the jaguar get its spots? How does the Andean condor carry the sun into the sky?

Learn the answers to the legends of these animals and more in Legends of the Wild!

Travel through South America with the alpacas, condors, jaguar and capybara; Madagascar with the lemurs; and Asia with the white-naped cranes, snow leopards, pygmy slow loris and the tufted deer.


Legends of the Wild opened in 2005 and was the first of a two-part opening that year, along with Komodo Kingdom. At the time of its opening, Legends of the Wild was the largest animal area expansion to date.

When you visit, you will notice that the animals in this area are not all from the same geographic area. Most of the animals in this area have a story or legend associated with them.

Through scientific data, we know these legends are not true but are just fun stories to tell.  For example, it was believed by the native people of the Andes Mountains that condors brought up the sun every morning on their wings.


Legends of the Wild features 16 animal habitats and a 30-foot waterfall.

Located next to the jaguar habitat is a play area called the Corridors. In the rainforest, animals travel through corridors of trees for safe passage in high population areas. Here at the Akron Zoo, children can climb through the corridors of tube and run across the popular rope bridge.