Red Wolf Cover

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North American River Otter

See the Akron Zoo's river otters from the comfort of your own home! Molly and Stratton offer endless entertainment as they run, bounce and swim around their habitat. Control the camera and see for yourself!

Observe River Otter Habitat

Grizzly Bears

Jackson and Cheyenne are always having a "bear" of a good time. These two siblings were orphaned in their native habitat. They've found a new home at the Akron Zoo and are thriving. See their daily activities for yourself!

Observe Grizzly Bear Habitat

Red Wolves

Red Wolves are considered the most endangered canine species in the world. They typically weigh about 50 pounds and communicate with one another through body posture, vocalizations and scent markings. Watch as our red wolves - Diego, Brave, Sabine and Sentinel - go about their day!

Observe Red Wolf Habitat