Steam punk

Can you punch as strong as a mantis shrimp?

Can you work together like leaf-cutter ants to solve the riddle?

Change colors with the giant Pacific octopus?

Enter a world full of plants and animals with strange adaptations.


Curious Creatures opened in 2017 and is in the Komodo Kingdom Education Center. Curious Creatures is located in the habitat space where Journey to the Reef and Jellies: Rhythm in the Blue once resided.

This space was designed to change habitats every 4-5 years. due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Curious Creatures plans to stick around a bit longer. 


Take a detour from Komodo Kingdom to see plants and animals with strange adaptations like unique hunting styles, color-changing abilities, locomotive functions and more! See the animals in action in the wild through the interactive signs.

Go underwater in an immersive virtual reality experience — brand new at the Akron Zoo!