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About Giant Prickly Stick Insect

Giant prickly stick insects get their name since their body structure mimics a stick.

Females are covered with thorn-like spikes for defense and camouflage. Females can grow to 5-8 inches in length.

Male giant prickly stick insects are much smaller and thinner, they grow in length from 3-4 inches. Males lack thorny growth except around their eyes. Males have long wings and are capable of flying in search of females. Females also have wings, but cannot fly.

They often move from side to side when sitting on a branch, mimicking the motion of a twig in the breeze to enhance their camouflage. The walking stick engages in passive and active camouflage. Passively, it hangs in a curved position looking like a prickly leaf, and actively sways back and forth as if a leaf caught in the wind.

Giant Prickly Stick Insect at the Akron Zoo

Giant prickly stick insects live in the Akron Zoo’s Curious Creatures area.