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About Chain Dogfish

Chain dogfish have a unique coloration that differentiates them from other sharks. Their bodies have a reddish-brown coloration with a yellowish shade on their underside. They have a dark brown or black chain-like pattern that covers their back and sides with distinct yellow-green eyes. These features help the sharks blend into their bottom habitat. 

With a wedge-shaped, slender body, chain dogfish tend to be small. They have a blunt-tipped snout and narrow, oval eyes. The first of two dorsal fins is twice the size of the second. Their pectoral fins are equally long and broad with rounded corners. The anal fin has a subtriangular shape with a rounded apex and almost straight edges. 

Chain dogfish can range from 4 inches to 20 inches in size. At maturity, males are around 19 inches while females are closer to 20 inches. Males reach maturity around 15.6 inches and females reach maturity around 15 inches.

Chain Dogfish at the Akron Zoo

Chain dogfish can be found at the Akron Zoo in the Curious Creatures area