Fabric of Maasai tribe

The Landon & Cynthia Knight Pride of Africa experience will reflect the beauty and mystery of the savannas of Kenya.

Guests will learn about the delicate balance of life on Africa's Southern Rift - the land of regal African lions, grass-eaters like Speke's gazelles, large birds like storks and the native Maasai of Kenya.


Pride of Africa opened in 2019 and was part of a two-part capital project. Pride of Africa was the first area to open, with Wild Asia following in 2021. Pride of Africa includes an African lion habitat and a multi-species habitat that includes white storks, Speke's gazelles and crested guineafowl. The boma features goats and offers a feeding experience for guests.


Guests will enjoy an expanded train ride through the plains of Africa, catching glimpses of lions, gazelles and more!

The new spray pad allows visitors to cool down in the heat while learning more about the clean water crisis in Africa.

While cooling down at the splash pad play area, guests can grab a snack at Dippin’ Dots, which is open in the summer (weather and staff permitting).

The lion habitat includes a lion training wall, where the lions can demonstrate different training behaviors, such as opening their mouths, standing on their hind legs, presenting their paw, etc. Many of our animals are trained in behaviors that help them participate in their own healthcare.

Your Akron Zoo partners with Rebuilding the Pride, an African coalition addressing socioeconomic and ecological threats to the Southern Rift communities. Priorities include understanding and fostering traditional Maasai herding practices while sustaining an ecologically-healthy predator/prey relationship in the region.

Lions in the Serengeti region of Africa are especially endangered. In fact, the population has dwindled to only half of what it was in 1950. Today, in parts of southern Kenya that include the Shompole and Olkirimation Conservancy area, only 65 lions survive alongside the Maasai living there.