Lehner Family Foundation Wild Asia recreates the Southeast Asia jungles and Himalayan forests. Lush tree canopies add to the ambiance while offering shade as guests roam throughout this exotic adventure.


Wild Asia opened in 2021 and was part of a two-part capital project. Wild Asia opened second, with Pride of Africa opening in 2019.

Wild Asia was built in an area that was formally known as Tiger Valley. Tiger Valley opened in 1998 with African lions, Sumatran tigers and sun bears. Asian Trail was added in 1999 and featured red pandas, white-naped cranes and barking deer. Tiger Valley officially closed in 2018 as construction began on Wild Asia.

Wild Asia includes a new, expanded home for Sumatran tigers and red pandas. By popular demand, your Akron Zoo introduces primates to Wild Asia with white-cheeked gibbons in an indoor/outdoor habitat.


The tiger and gibbon habitats include training walls, where the tigers and gibbons can demonstrate different training behaviors, such as opening their mouths, standing on their hind legs, etc. Many of our animals are trained in behaviors that help them participate in their own healthcare.

Wild Asia offers Panda Treats, a zoo-themed food truck, that offers various snacks and beverages in the summer (staff and weather permitting).