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About Anemones

The white-spotted rose anemone has a red-to-orange cylindrical pedal column with distinct white dots all over. The pedal column has a sticky foot at the bottom that they use to adhere to various surfaces. They also use this "foot" to move around if conditions are not ideal. The color is brown, or reddish-brown to orange, and they have distinctive white spots on their foot. 

They have sturdy tentacles that are in 5 or more rows, with the mouth being in the center. The tentacles are usually light gray, white, red or orange, and a combination of those can be on each tentacle. The tentacles are thicker at the base and are thinner toward the top with a little "bulbous" tip. The oral disc and mouth are lighter in color. 

White-spotted rose anemones can grow up to 6" (15 cm) in diameter.

Anemone at the Akron Zoo

Anemones can be found in the Curious Creatures area at the Akron Zoo.