About the Baron's Racer

Baron's racers grow up to 2 meters long. They are slender with a narrow head and a long tail which is typical for arboreal snakes and allow for swift and balanced movement. They are most commonly green, but may be brown or green-blue. Brown specimens are more common in the northern parts of Argentina. 

Baron's racers are mildly venomous and opisthoglyphous, meaning their fangs are located in the back of the mouth. Opisthoglyphous fangs make envenomation more difficult, as they use the fangs to massage the venom into the victim through a chewing motion. Most rear-fanged snakes are harmless to humans. Baron's racers' venom is not dangerous to humans. 

Baron's Racer at the Akron Zoo

The Baron's racer can be found in Curious Creatures located inside Komodo Kingdom.