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About Andean Condors

With an adult wingspan of about 10 – 12 feet they are the largest flying bird in the world. They weigh 20 – 30 pounds and measure 4 feet tall. Their feathers are a glossy black. Secondary and inner primary feathers are ashy white tipped in black, creating white patches from above. The skin on their head is red to black and has no feathers. They have a large fleshy wattle over their beak called a caruncle. The skin on their head and throat form loose folds. They have a bear crop area and a snowy white ruff around the shoulders.

Due to their relatively large weight they soar on warm air currents. Soaring is the act of controlled falling through the air currents. The thermals, a column of warm upward moving air, will push the bird up faster than it falls. The birds move in circles in order to stay within the dimensions of the thermal column. So a circling vulture is not necessarily watching for food. This type of “flying” is very effortless and energy efficient. They are able to change directions with slight movements of their pr

Andean Condor at the Akron Zoo

Andean condors call the Legends of the Wild area home at the Akron Zoo.

  • Carlotta – female, born May 23, 1983
  • Grock – male, born June 29, 1983
  • Luca - male, born July 23, 2021