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About Hyacinth Macaws

These birds measure about 40 inches and weigh about 2 ¾ pounds. Their predominant color is a deep cobalt blue but they have a golden eye-ring and a golden stripe on their lower mandible. The underside of their flight and tail feathers are gray.

Hyacinth macaws are extremely social birds. They live in the wild as mated pairs. Like other parrots, hyacinths tend to gather at the end of the day in roosting trees where they spend the night. 

These birds make very loud vocalizations that include a variety of very loud, harsh, guttural squawks that can be heard over a mile away in the wild. Mostly because of its massive size, these calls are much lower in frequency than calls of other macaws.

Hyacinth Macaw at the Akron Zoo

The hyacinth macaws reside in our Legends of the Wild area during the warmer months.

  • Tupe – male, born on Dec. 7, 1992
  • Lora – female, birthdate unknown