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About Red-Breasted Geese

Red-breasted geese are the smallest species of goose, measuring just under two feet in length. The plumage of the red-breasted goose is a combination of brick red, white and black. This plumage becomes darker as the goose gets older. Their short bill is also black while their legs are gray. Red-breasted geese are quite comfortable living in large flocks, though they may occasionally act territorial towards other birds. Groups are energetic, often grazing at high speeds and making distinctive “ki-ioik, ki-ik” calls. During a confrontation, geese may also make sharp hisses or strike an intimidating pose, usually with the feathers of their nape raised.

Red-Breasted Goose at the Akron Zoo

Our red-breasted geese can be found in Legends of the Wild. They share their habitat with our emperor geese and tufted deer.