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Room to Play

Play is an important part of learning and we take learning seriously here at the Akron Zoo. Check out these play spaces during your visit.

Otter Slide

Akron Zoo Otter SlideLocated in the Mike & Mary Stark Grizzly Ridge at the North American river otter exhibit, this slide gives everyone the opportunity to slide through the water with a river otter without ever getting wet. Climb 33 steps up to find a breathtaking view of downtown Akron. Then enter into the clear acrylic tube as you slide 24 feet through the river otter exhibit.

  • For your safety, please follow all of the posted slide rules.
  • The otter slide will be closed during snow season, call to find out if the slide will be open on the day of your visit.

Prairie Wagon

Located in Wild Prairie, the Prairie Wagon playground is perfect to let out some energy. Children can climb up the wagon and slide down the slide while parents enjoy a refreshment from the nearby Grasslands Café.





In the rainforest, animals travel through corridors of trees for safe passage in high population areas. Here at the Akron Zoo, children can climb through the corridors of tube and run across the popular rope bridge.

The corridors play area is located in Legends of the Wild, next to the jaguar habitat.


Frontier Town

Frontier Town Akron ZooIt’s fun to pretend. In this area, children can pretend to be a shop keeper or a pioneer in a prairie cabin. This area is “right-sized” for children and is a great place for adults to rest while children use their imagination in our little Frontier Town.