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Did you know the Akron Zoo can come to you? The Akron ZooMobile can bring age-specific programs right to your school, classroom, or community event! ZooMobile programs last roughly 45 minutes and include live animals from the education animal ambassador program. They can be customized with up-to-date lesson plans that include Academic Content Standards for Life Sciences for the state of Ohio.

Take a look at all of our options, then fill out the form below to get started planning your very own ZooMobile visit!

ZooMobile programs are sold out for the months of  June and July 2019. 

Classroom & Community Programs

Zoo MobileNot only does the ZooMobile visit schools, we visit many community groups such as churches, libraries, scout groups, festivals, retirement centers, and more!

All programs are aligned with Ohio's Learning Standards. We can adapt programs to fit your curriculum. Ask about this option when you call to reserve your program. We look forward to working with you!

Please note, we do not offer a "petting zoo," nor do we present programs at private residences. For private events at public locations, restrictions apply.

Preschool* - 3-5 year old

  • Dress for the Season - Learn how students and animals gear up for our seasons and discover the different types of weather that match the season! NEW FOR 2018!
  • Bust A Move - Discover the various ways animals move, and see how much you can move like them. 
  • All Creatures Great & Small - Animals come in different shapes and sizes. How do they compare with you?
  • Living Things – Explore the differences between living things and non-living things and meet a few live animals.
  • Fur, Feathers & Scales – Explore what makes birds, mammals and reptiles different.

*Unfortunately, we do not do programs for children under 3. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Kindergarten – Grade 3

  • Fur, Feathers & Scales – Explore what makes birds, mammals and reptiles different.
  • Backyard Wildlife – Discover animals that live in Ohio.  Learn about their lives in the wild and how people and animals can co-exist.
  • In Living Color - The world is colored with animals. Discover the not-so-black and white world of animal colors.

Multi-age Programs

  • Where in the World? – Explore the different places animals call home, from the desert to the rainforest.
  • Superheroes! – Superheroes have lots of special powers, but how many of those powers are also found in the animal kingdom? 
  • Build a Better World – Join the Akron Zoo in learning about why animals are becoming endangered, both worldwide and in our backyards, and what we can do to help them.
  • What’s for Dinner? – Learn about the food web and how all animals are connected.
  • Backyard Wildlife – Discover animals that live in Ohio.  Learn about their lives in the wild and how people and animals can co-exist.
  • Rainforest  – Explore the most diverse habitats and one of the most at risk. Discover why the rainforest is at risk and learn its impact in Ohio.
  • Endangered Species – Why do some animals thrive while others struggle for survival? Meet some animals from the zoo and explore this topic.
  • 2018 Summer Reading Program: Zoology at the Library – Come to the library and learn all about some wonderfully cool animals from the Akron Zoo.  Find out how zoo staff have to use places like libraries to research animals so they can share fun facts about them.  Maybe afterwards, you could stay and find out some more information at the library since Libraries Rock!
  • After-School Programs – Our after-school enrichment programs include 4 to 8 different sessions with fun activities and several animal ambassadors.
  • Custom Programs – Our Education Team will work with you to create a custom program to fit your needs.

Classroom and Community Group ZooMobile Program Fees for 2019

Summit County

  • 1-30 participants (participants permitted to touch animals) - $120; Consecutive programs - $85
  • 31-99 participants (participants not permitted to touch animals) - $200; Consecutive programs - $180
  • Please ask for pricing for groups of 100 or more students.

Outside Summit County

  • 1-30 participants (participants permitted to touch animals) - $130; Consecutive programs - $95
  • 31-99 participants (participants not permitted to touch animals) - $225; Consecutive programs - $200
  • Please ask for pricing for groups of 100 or more students.

Programs must occur within 15 minutes of each other and be the same topic to qualify for the consecutive rate.

Senior Citizen Groups

We also offer programs to groups in adult day care centers, community centers, retirement centers and nursing homes.  These programs engage the audience and will entertain the senses.

  • Summit County - $120
  • Outside Summit County - $130

Assembly Programs

Zoolympics! - This action packed show brings the spirit of the Olympics competition into your school.  Audience members will have the opportunity to test their physical prowess against the amazing adaptations of reptiles, mammals and birds. 

Just Zoo It! - Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at a zoo? Here’s your chance! Our staff will educate and entertain you about the acronym “HELPER.”  Each of these letters represents an activity that our zoo does for our animals every day. Your students (and even teachers) may participate in some of these various challenges as well! 

Assembly shows can be performed for up to 300 people and can be booked year round. Both assemblies feature our education Animal Ambassadors and plenty of student participation.

  • Summit County - $400
  • Outside Summit County - $425

Community Displays

The Akron Zoo is available for community events. Our displays may feature one to two animals as well as biofacts (items such as pelts, skulls, feathers, etc.) or just biofacts. Our staff will travel to your site and set up a display table for up to three hours. Designed for all ages and recommended for larger events such as festivals and open houses.

  • Summit County, with animals - $275
  • Summit County, without animals - $150
  • Outside Summit County, with animals - $300
  • Outside Summit County, without animals - $175

Additional Fees: Programs that occur with any part taking place at or after 5 p.m. will have an additional $25 after-hours fee. Any location over 50 miles one way from the zoo will be charged $1.00 per mile. Programs must occur within 80 miles of the Akron Zoo.

To get more information or schedule a program, please fill out the form below. If you have additional questions, please call (330) 375-2550 ext. 8973 or email our Education Program Coordinator at c.blackledge@akronzoo.org.

ZooMobile Request Form

To get started, please fill out the form below, providing us with as much of the following booking information as possible. Please make sure to double check the information before submitting the form as incorrect or incomplete information may delay the booking process.