Grizzly Bear

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*Scroll down for Construction and Habitat Updates.

Akron Zoo Map Fall/Winter 2022

Current Construction & Habitat Updates

  • The tufted deer yard is currently under construction. A construction fence will surround the habitat but the main path will remain open. Animals will be off habitat from March 7 to the end of March. 

  • The zoo's maintenance team will be replacing wood on top of masonry walls and near the alpaca habitat. Alpaca Noel will still be viewable. 

  • HVAC units at the Barnhardt Family Welcome Center will be replaced. A crane will be located outside the zoo's main entrance. 

  • Madagascar will be undergoing improvements. Lemurs and day gecko will be off habitat until March 27.

  • Big Bats habitat will be undergoing improvements. Rodrigues fruit bat and straw-colored fruit bats will be off habitat until March 31.  

  • Sections of concrete located in the Decision Node in Pride of Africa will be replaced the week of Mar. 20. The work area will be barricaded, but guest pathways will be unaffected.  

  • The aviary is undergoing necessary maintenance. The aviary will be closed until further notice.