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The Akron Zoo Main Gift Shop is located inside the Barnhardt Family Welcome Center. We carry a wide range of items to commemorate your visit to the zoo and also stock practical items such as sunscreen, umbrellas and sunglasses to make your visit more enjoyable.

Something for Everyone

We have a souvenir or gift from everyone.  With a wide variety of plush animals, clothing, jewelry, toys and other items you will find something for everyone in your family or group. 

Trunk Show

The 12th Annual Trunk Show is on Thursday, Dec. 3 from 4 - 7:30 p.m.

Vendor applications for 2020 are now open! Vendor applicants must be zoo-appropriate, with preference given to items with an animal, garden or conservation theme. Send your application by October 12 to j.hummel@akronzoo.org

Your Purchases Matter

Your purchases provides support and enables the zoo to achieve our mission.  Thank You! 

Questions?  Our friendly gift shop staff is available during zoo hours to answer your questions at 330-375-2550 ext. 7210.