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Field Conservation


Long-term Survival of Species and Ecosystems

Field conservation refers to efforts which directly contribute to the long-term survival of species in natural ecosystems and habitats.

The Akron Zoo’s commitment towards field conservation is reflected in a Conservation Fund program held by the Akron Zoological Foundation from which we support local, regional, and global field conservation and conservation based research projects.

Did you know that each time you visit your Akron Zoo you help save animals from extinction?

It’s true! One percent of your admission goes to field conservation and research projects that contribute directly to the long-term survival of species in natural ecosystems and habitats. Along with a portion of your admission, we raise money for conservation throughout the year in a variety of ways. The funds raised are then donated directly to our partner organizations who work with animals in the wild. Each year that Akron Zoo is able to support 18-20 field conservation projects.

More Ways to Give

Examples of organizations and projects that have been supported through the Conservation Fund

CORL: Florida Aquarium

CORL – Conservation of Reef Life. Captive coral spawning to restore wild coral and increase genetic diversity through head starting.

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Small Felid Monitoring Study: Toledo Zoo

Small felid monitoring in the Oak Openings of North Western Ohio, Michigan and Florida. Project utilizes camera traps to monitor suspected areas of small felid populations. For example, jaguarundi in Florida and bobcats in the north.

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White-Winged Wood Duck Health Research

In partnership with Hiram College and Sylvan Heights Waterfowl, the Akron Zoo is studying populations of white-winged wood ducks to increase the populations health and sustainability in zoos.