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Wood Duck ConservationProtecting & Sustaining Species

Conservation research is research which helps protect species in the wild or which helps protect the long-term sustainability of currently non-sustainable captive populations.

The Akron Zoo is a leader in the conservation of the critically endangered white-winged wood duck.

Endangered Waterfowl Breeding CenterAZP and Hiram College have partnered to develop an Endangered Waterfowl Breeding Center where a large percentage of the North American population of white-winged wood ducks reside.

White-winged wood ducks face issues with a disease, Mycobacterium avium, which jeopardizes the sustainability of the captive population due to shortened lifespans and decreased breeding success.

Akron Zoo staff and Hiram College staff and students collaborate to research the unique susceptibility of the white-winged wood duck to this disease.

Wood DuckWe currently have projects examining:

  • The role of the environment in Mycobacterium avium infection
  • The role of stress in the disease process
  • The possible role of parasites in disease transmission
  • The role of the population’s genetics in the species susceptibility