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Ticket Donation Request


The Akron Zoo will consider donating two (2) one-day admission passes to qualifying non-profit organizations to be used as prizes or auction items for events or fundraising activities. The Akron Zoo will read all requests and consider each on an individual basis; however, not all requests can be fulfilled. If not selected and depending on your event date your request could be moved to the next month for another opportunity to be drawn.  

Please review all donation guidelines before submitting your request.

  • All donation requests must be submitted ONLINE with at least 60 days notice.
  • A random drawing takes place the first day of each month (Mon-Fri).
  • Two (2) Admission tickets will be mailed the following day of the drawing.
  • Organizations that receive a donation are asked to wait one year to submit a new request. 

Ticket Donation Request Form

Fill out the form below to submit your request for donated tickets.

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