Komodo Island

About Yellow-spotted Amazon River Turtles

Yellow-spotted Amazon river turtles have a dark, domed shell with yellow to orange markings on their head and a single barbel on the chin that is used as a sensory organ. Males can be identified by large yellow patches on their heads. Additionally, adult female turtles tend to be larger than males. Female shells average 17 inches long while males range from 8 to 15 inches long.

This species is relatively long-lived, with individuals averaging 60 to 70 years old. These turtles are able to tolerate wide temperature fluctuations, eliminating the need for this species to hibernate in the winter. These diurnal turtles are generally solitary and sedentary, though they may sometimes be seen sunning in small groups on sunken logs or along riverbanks.

Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle at the Akron Zoo

The yellow-spotted Amazon river turtles can be found in the mixed-species rainforest habitat in Komodo Kingdom.