Komodo Island

About Green Tree Pythons

Green tree pythons are arboreal, which means they live in trees. 

These pythons often exhibit a wide range of colorations. Babies are often maroon or yellow, and slowly change color and pattern as they mature. Most animals complete their color shift by two or three years of age. Adults range in color and pattern, but intense greens, yellows and blues are the most common. 

Green tree pythons range from 4 to 7 feet in length. They can also have over 100 teeth.

The tree python’s tail is prehensile, meaning its entire body is able to move in any direction. This enables them to eat while hanging from trees. Typically, green tree pythons spend anywhere from 70-90% of their time in trees.

Green tree pythons have a variety of different positions they maintain for long periods of time. During the day, the pythons are in a coiled position hanging in a tree or on a vine. They will typically hide during the daytime and not move, in order to remain camouflaged. While in the hunting position, the Green Tree Python will either be extended out or folded up in order to strike at their prey.

Green Tree Python at the Akron Zoo

The green tree pythons can be found in the Komodo Kingdom building.

2 females, born July 23, 2007