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About Paperbark Maple

Paperbark maple trees are named for their peeling, paper-like bark. All year long, the brown outer bark of this tree peels and curls to reveal the smooth reddish bark beneath. This does not hurt the tree and is actually theorized to help rid the plant of pests clinging to its bark. The fall colors of the trunk contrast beautifully with the spring and summer leaves, which are dark green on the top and a seafoam green beneath. In the fall, the three-lobed leaves turn brilliant shades of red and orange before falling to the ground.

Paperbark maple is a relatively low maintenance tree with average water needs and no need for pruning. It will grow in a wide variety of soil types and in partial to full sun. These round trees only reach 20 or 30 feet when fully grown and have a unique look throughout the year, making them a great addition to small gardens.

Paperbark Maple at the Akron Zoo

You can find paperbark maple growing in front of the main entrance to the Akron Zoo and in the Lehner Family Zoo Gardens.