Speke's gazelle calf passes away


We are sad to share that our Speke’s gazelle calf, Sanka, passed away this past weekend despite heroic measures from our animal and vet care teams. An animal autopsy, known as a necropsy, showed that Sanka had likely developed pneumonia. Further pathology tests have been sent out for more details. 
Animals, especially prey animals like gazelles, tend to hide any injuries or illnesses as it often shows signs of weakness to predators in their native habitat. Sanka’s care team noticed that he wasn’t acting himself on Saturday, and the team was quick into action to provide Sanka with the care he needed. Despite all efforts, Sanka passed away later in the day. 
Sanka was born on July 18, 2022 to one of our female gazelles, Gambella. Gambella is doing well and under close watch by the gazelle care team. The remainder of our herd – male Gondar, female Astur and female Sagal – are also doing well and rotating their time in the public habitat daily.