Speke's gazelle calf born


A Speke's gazelle calf was born here at the Akron Zoo last week! The male calf was born on Monday, July 18. His name is Sanka, which is Somali for "nose." Speke's gazelles can inflate their noses and make a honking sound. 

This is the third calf born to our female gazelle, Gambella, and our male, Gondar. This little boy is a big celebration as he is the first calf born after Gondar recovered from his serious leg injury last year. (ICYMI - check out these videos: https://youtu.be/nocFfWR1Yv0 and https://youtu.be/J4q61wpLP1g) Because of our vet and animal care teams’ dedication, Gondar is living a full life and is able to continue to breed for this endangered species.

Sanka is currently living in the gazelle barn with Gambella. He will make his public debut at a later date. Gondar will be alternating days in the public habitat with our two other female gazelles, Astur and Sanka's big sister, Sagal.