Birds moved indoors


Due to fall migration, we are once again moving many of our susceptible birds temporarily indoors or inside a protected habitat. This is as a precaution for our birds’ safety as cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza are on the rise in Ohio again. 

Currently, all of our birds remain healthy. There is no apparent risk to humans at this time. For our birds here at zoo, the risk comes from native birds who land at the zoo during fall migration. 

We know you love our feathered friends as much as we do. The health and welfare of our birds is our top priority. They will all return to their outdoor habitats as soon as the risk of exposure is low.

Update 11/17: Over the next week, our birds will be returning to their outdoor habitats! Our vet and animal care teams have deemed the risk of exposure to avian influenza low enough for all of our bird species to return outside. However, the birds will be acclimating to the colder weather, so their return will be staggered in order to give them time to adjust. As spring bird migration nears, we will continue to monitor data on this strain and are prepared to reinstate all safety precautions if cases begin to rise again. The health and welfare of our birds is our top priority, and we appreciate your patience during this time!