Akron Zoo partners with Akron Public Schools students on composting


The Akron Zoo partnered with Akron Public Schools (APS) East Community Learning Center (CLC) during the 2023 fall semester on a composting project. This project was funded by the City of Akron Violence Intervention and Prevention initiative. 

The students learned about composting first-hand by sorting school lunch waste into trash and composting bins. Rubber City Reuse collected the organic waste approximately once a week for compost. The Akron Zoo, Guys and Gals Community Partnership and DREAMS Academy worked with the 14 students after school for 10 weeks to develop their projects. 

At the end of the project, students developed pitches to encourage their community to compost more. On Wednesday, Dec. 13, the students presented their pitches during an event at the Akron Zoo. More than 75 family members and other guests from APS, community organizations and city, state and federal government were in attendance to listen to the students. 

“The Akron Zoo and partners in the project were wowed by the commitment and desire of the students to reduce waste and improve conditions for people and wildlife,” said Michelle Camou, director of external affairs at the Akron Zoo. “The students worked so hard on their projects, and it was wonderful to see how different organizations in our community came together to lift up the young people acting for the future.”  

"Our community is learning more each day about the important partnerships we have with the many wonderful organizations that provide learning opportunities for our scholars. We are grateful to our friends at the Akron Zoo for this enriching experience," said Dr. Michael Robinson, superintendent at Akron Public Schools.