Akron Zoo announces animal moves


The Akron Zoo has some new residents and other residents who have moved to other accredited zoos based on Species Survival Plan recommendations from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. The zoo has received a new red panda, Komodo dragon, a sun bear and two Humboldt penguins. The zoo’s sloth bear, red panda and one of their Komodo dragons have now moved to their new homes.

The zoo’s new male red panda, Biru, has taken up residence in the zoo’s Asian Trail area arriving from the Rosemond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY recently. The zoo’s former red panda, Zheng, is now at the Greenville Zoo in South Carolina and paired with a female there as part of a breeding recommendation for this endangered species.

A new male Komodo dragon, Padar, from the Chattanooga Zoo has taken up residence in Komodo Kingdom. One of the zoo’s two young female Komodo dragons, Charlie, is now at the Chattanooga Zoo as part of a breeding recommendation for this endangered species as well. Padar and the Akron Zoo’s female Komodo dragon, Draco, will be in their habitat on alternate days.

Also new to the Akron Zoo is a sun bear, named Scruffy, from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Scruffy will take up residence in Tiger Valley in a month or two where the zoo’s sloth bear had previously been on exhibit. The Akron Zoo’s sloth bear, Keesha, is currently residing at Zoo Miami.

During this busy time the Akron Zoo also welcomed two new Humboldt penguins, Rocky and Armando, a breeding pair from the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. They will join the other eight Humboldt penguins in Penguin Point soon.