Air Quality Update


Update June 30: As the air quality begins to improve from unhealthy levels, animals will begin returning to their habitats over the next few days. Lions, penguins and a couple other bird species will return outside this afternoon. Other bird species will gradually return outside over the next few days.

We appreciate your understanding over these last several days as we navigate the air quality alerts here in Akron. 

Update June 28: With the current air quality alerts, we are continuously monitoring the situation for the safety of our animals, staff and guests. At this time, the zoo remains open with a few adjustments. 

A few of our animals will be brought inside as a precautionary measure. This includes the majority of our birds and lions. The deciding factors on what animals to bring in include respiratory system sensitivity, animal age and other individual health factors. Animals that have indoor public habitats, like the gibbons, have been moved into those areas. 

We are also offering cloth masks to any of our guests, free of charge! These are available in our Welcome Center.

Due to the Air Quality Alert, the following animals have been moved indoors for safety precautions:

  • Lions
  • Penguins
  • Flamingos
  • Snowy owls
  • Bald eagles
  • Condors
  • Barn owl
  • Screech owl
  • Red-breasted geese
  • Emperor geese
  • Hyacinth macaws
  • White storks
  • Tragopans
  • Turkey
  • Bobwhite