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Gibbon Baby Naming Contest


Our female white-cheeked gibbon, Parker, gave birth to a healthy infant on Thursday, Dec. 9! We need your help to select a name for our new baby!

Baby gibbon

Vote below for your favorite name. The voting ends on Jan. 26 at 5 p.m. The top two names will then be presented to the gibbon family. The names will be painted on enrichment items - the first item to be touched by Parker or dad Milo will be the winning name. 

The five name options are gender-neutral as we do not know the sex of the baby at this time. Gibbon infants cling to their mother for the first few months and our staff are hands-off with the baby. 

Name Options

  • Lolani (Low-lah-niy): Means "royal hawk" in Lao (the official language in Laos)
  • Keo (kee-oh): Means "precious gem, glass" in Lao
  • Kanoa (Kah-NOH-ah): Means "free one" in Lao
  • Rou (r-oo): Means "gentle, mild" in Chinese
  • Jinzi (jin-zee): Means "gold" in Chinese 


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