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Snow Leopard Cub Naming Contest


The Akron Zoo welcomed a snow leopard cub on April 29! Now, as the cub approaches her public debut, she needs a name and we need your help!

Vote below for your favorite name. The voting ends on July 31 at 5 p.m. The top three names will then be presented to the cub and her mom, Shanti, for the two of them to pick their favorite. The names will be painted on enrichment items - the first item to be touched by Shanti or the cub will be the winning name. 

The female cub's parents are Shanti and Tai Lung. This birth marks Shanti’s eighth cub. She previously welcomed two cubs in 2012, two cubs in 2014 and three cubs in 2016 with her previous mate, Roscoe. This cub’s father is Tai Lung, who is a first-time father.  

Stay tuned for the snow leopard cub's public debut in the snow leopard habitat. Currently, Shanti and the cub are spending their time in a private cubing area. Tai Lung is in the snow leopard habitat daily. In their native habitats, male snow leopards do not participate in the rearing of cubs. Tai Lung does not have any contact with the cub. 

Make sure to follow the Akron Zoo on Facebook for updates on the cub and up-to-date news on when she will make her public debut.  

Final name: Baya!