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Membership Check-In Kiosks


Akron Zoo members can now self check-in when visiting! Bring your eMembership card to the membership check-in kiosks at the Barnhardt Family Welcome Center. 

See below for instructions on how to use the kiosks. 

*Note: As we introduce the kiosks, they may be closed on lower attendance days.

Need to download your eMembership card? Check out the instructions.  

How to Use Membership Check-In Kiosks

  1. Select “Tap Here To Begin” button. 
  2. Select “Member Admission” button. 
  3. Scan your eMembership card at the bottom right corner of the kiosk. (Note: this is not the credit card scanner.)
  4. If your barcode will not scan, tap the text box and a number pad will appear. Manually enter your member ID, located on your eMembership card below the barcode. Make sure to include the dash, if applicable. 
  5. Select “Verify Membership” button. 
  6. Enter in the number of guests on your membership that are visiting. (Note: You will not be charged admission prices.)
  7. Select “Continue Checkout” button at bottom of screen. 
  8. Review your ticket selection in your cart to make sure it is correct. Notice that your total is now $0.00. 
  9. Select “Checkout” button at bottom right of the screen. 
  10. You will receive a receipt via email and text. A paper receipt will not print. 
  11. Once you hit checkout, you are good to enter the park. We hope you enjoy your visit!