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Mandarin Duck

  • Order: Anseriformes
  • Family: Anatidae
  • Genus: Aix
  • Species: galericulata
Fun Fact

The Mandarin duck is a perching duck, meaning they like to perch high in trees. They also nest and lay their eggs in trees. When the eggs hatch the mother coaxes the ducklings out of the nest and they fall from the tree, their light weight and down feathers prevent them from getting hurt, and then the mother leads them to a body of water.

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    About Mandarin Ducks

    Several cultures see these ducks as a symbol for unity of marriage. They are often presented at weddings and some cultures even have Mandarin duck proverbs they use when talking to couples. China used to export a very large number of Mandarins, however the export trade was banned in 1975 due to the shrinking population size.

    The species was once widespread in East Asia, but large-scale exports and the destruction of its forest habitat have reduced populations in eastern Russia and in China to below 1,000 pairs in each country; Japan, however, is thought to still hold some 5,000 pairs.

    Mandarin Ducks in the Wild


    They are found in dense, shrubby forested edges of rivers and lakes.


    Eastern Asia, has been introduced to Great Britain and Ireland.


    They primarily eat plants and seeds, but they will also eat snails, insects and small fish.

    Population Status

    The Mandarin duck is listed as “least concern.”

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