Komodo Island

About Golden Lion Tamarins

Golden lion tamarins are small monkeys of the primate order. They are the largest of the marmoset and tamarin group. More than 30 species of marmosets and tamarins are found in the Neotropics from Panama through much of South America.

Their fur is a reddish-orange color and the fur around the bare face is longer and darker, which is the reason behind their name. 

The lion tamarin is different from other marmosets and tamarins because of their long hands and long nimble fingers, which have non-opposable thumbs. They use their long tail mainly for balance, but it is not prehensile. The tail and forepaws may have a black coloration. Males and females of the species have the same coloration. 

Their body is about 13-15 inches long and their tail can be up to 16 inches long. 

Golden Lion Tamarin at the Akron Zoo

The golden lion tamarins can be found at the Akron Zoo in the Komodo Kingdom building. They live in the rainforest habitat, along with various bird species, turtles, fish, etc.

  • Mico – male, born July 2, 2011
  • Coco – female, born March 2, 2012