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Green Tree Python

  • Order: Squamata
  • Family: Pythonidae
  • Genus: Moreila
  • Species: viridis
Fun Fact

Green tree pythons lure their prey by sitting still on a branch and dangling their tail to attract the attention of the prey. When the prey comes close they strict and constrict the prey.

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    About Green Tree Pythons

    The average length of an adult is between 5-7 feet. Along the upper and lower labials you can see their thermosensory (heat sensitive) pits around their mouth. These pits allow them to notice the change in temperature, which helps them detect prey.

    Green tree pythons vary in color ranging from green to yellow. Most also have spots dorsal and/or lateral that can be yellow, white or blue. Hatchlings also have a wide variety of color ranging from red to yellow. Their color can change slowly or rapidly over two years.

    Green Tree Pythons in the Wild


    Like humid, warm tropical regions.


    Found on the Cape York Peninsula of Australia, New Guinea, and Iran Jaya.


    Pythons feed at night and sleep during the day. They feed on small rodents and birds.

    Population Status

    "Least concern."

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