Stuffed animals - tiger, tortoise, snow leopard, bear, red panda

The Akron Zoo Gift Shop, located inside the Barnhardt Family Welcome Center, carries a wide range of items to commemorate your visit to the zoo!

Something for Everyone

With a wide variety of plush animals, clothing, jewelry, toys and other items, you’re sure to find a great souvenir or gift for everyone in your family or group! We also stock practical items to make your visit more enjoyable, including sunscreen, umbrellas and sunglasses.

Your Purchases Matter

When you make a purchase at the Akron Zoo Gift Shop, you are helping to provide support for animal care, education and conservation, both in our park and around the world. It is because of you that we are able to further the zoo’s mission. Thank You!

Questions? Our friendly gift shop staff are available during zoo hours to answer your questions at 330-375-2550 ext. 7210.

Pop-Up Shops

Do you make or sell products? Looking for a fun venue to sell your wares? The Akron Zoo would like to invite you to apply to be a pop-up shop during our many special events throughout the year!

Pop-up shops will have the opportunity to sell items during normal zoo hours and event hours! Available dates include:

  • May 21- Seltzers n’ Shells
  • May 27 - Members’ Night
  • June 18 - Brew at the Zoo: Luau
  • June 24 - Members’ Night
  • July 16 - Brew at the Zoo: Red, White and Brew
  • July 29 - Members’ Night
  • July 30 - Tequila n’ Tigers
  • Aug. 13 - Wild for Wine
  • Sept. 10 - Brew at the Zoo: Goin’ on a Beer Hunt
  • Oct. 1 - Brew at the Zoo: Halloween Bash

If you are interested in becoming a pop-up vendor, please fill out a vendor application below.