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Giant Pacific Octopus

  • Order: Octopoda
  • Family: Octopodidae
  • Genus: Enteroctopus
  • Species: dofleini
Fun Fact

These aquatic invertebrates are extremely intelligent and have been able to solve fairly complex puzzles.

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About Giant Pacific Octopuses

Giant Pacific octopi grow anywhere from 22-110 pounds. They can grow to between 9.75-16 feet. They only live for about 4 years and both males and females die soon after reproducing.

The only hard part of an octopi’s body is its beak. This animal is extremely flexible and can fit through any hole that its beak can fit through. Another cool thing that they can do is change the color and texture of their skin. They do this by using special pigment containing skin cells called chromatophores. They can closely match their environment using these special adaptation.

Giant Pacific Octopuses in the Wild


Distributed throughout the benthic zone (the region at the bottom of the ocean).


Along the Pacific coast from British Columbia to Japan and China.


Crustaceans and mollusks.

Population Status


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