We Otter Be Thankful

Here's what some of our animals are grateful for this Thanksgiving!


Despite the park being closed to the public today, our animals are still celebrating Thanksgiving at the zoo! Find out what some of our animals are grateful for this holiday season!

Milan the jaguar laying in a straw bed Jackson the grizzly bear napping on straw Noel laying in straw bed

Milan the jaguar, Jackson the grizzly bear and Ranger the alpaca are all thankful for warm straw beds on cold winter days!

Petry the eagle singing Hanging bat eating peppers and corn Bat holding a red pepper

Petry the bald eagle is thankful for his favorite perch, and for sing-alongs with friends. The Rodrigues flying foxes are thankful for delicious fruits and veggies (especially grapes)!

Mai Ly the pygmy slow loris eating peanut butter Diburu the Sumatran Tiger Eko the tiger licking his lips

Mai Ly, our retired pygmy slow loris, is thankful for peanut butter and cozy blankets. (At 14 years old, she is the second oldest female in the population!) Diburu, our female Sumatran tiger, is thankful that she is getting to know Eko, while Eko is most thankful for dinner. 

Luca, the Andean condor, spreading his wings Luca the condor wearing a block as a necklace

Luca, our Andean condor chick, is grateful he is getting to be just as big as his dad! He is also grateful for toys, which double as fashionable accessories.

Goat eating hay  Mustang, Cooper and Pinto with guests ​​​​​​

All of our goats are thankful for crackers, snacks and scratches from guests. Mustang, Cooper and Pinto are also thankful to have brothers to head butt when they're excited about food, and Nixon is thankful for human interaction!

Tamarr the lion Milo and Lolani, white-cheeked gibbons Lulu napping in a tree

Tamarr is thankful he is the most handsome lion in the world. Milo, our male white-cheeked gibbon, is thankful that his daughter, Lolani, is finally old enough to play with him. Lulu is thankful for a cozy nap spot.

Ande and his cornucopia Coral and a cornucopia Thistle exploring her cornucopia

Ande the guinea pig, Coral the scarlet milk snake and Thistle the lesser Madagascar hedgehog tenrec are all thankful for their exciting holiday enrichment.

Keeper Mallory with Luca Akron Zoo keepers Keeper Jen with Forest 

Finally, ALL of our animal are thankful for their dedicated keepers, who show up each and every day to provide our animals with the best care possible, regardless of weather, events or closed holidays. They are thankful for your continued company and support! Happy Thanksgiving, from our wild family to yours. We hope to see you soon!

By Erica Rymer, PR Coordinator. Published Nov 24, 2022.
Submissions by Keepers Angela, Christina, Lindsey, Mallory, Rachel and Tyler, and Education Laura and Leah.