National Zoo and Aquarium Month

Our staff is Zoomazing!


June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month! This month is to honor the role that accredited zoos and aquariums play in conservation and research to protect our natural world. The month encourages people to visit their local zoo and aquarium and learn more about their residents and what guests can do to help save and protect animals.

Here at your Akron Zoo, National Zoo and Aquarium Month is an opportunity for us to celebrate all our amazing staff that make our mission to connect people’s lives to wildlife and inspire lifelong learning and conservation action a possibility.

Below is a highlight of some of our “Zoomazing” teams that work here at your Akron Zoo, from caring for the animals to caring for guests.

Animal Care Teams

Avian Team

Our avian team cares for all the birds that reside here at the Akron Zoo, such as the penguins, flamingos, condors and aviary.

Carnivore Team

The carnivore team cares for animals like the snow leopards, lions, red pandas, tigers and bears.

Ectotherm Team

Ectotherm means “an animal that is dependent on external sources for body heat.” This team cares for all the reptiles, amphibians and fish at the zoo.

Hoofstock/Primate Team

The hoofstock/primate team is responsible for the care of all our hoofstock like goats and gazelles, plus our primate species such as white-cheeked gibbons and lemurs.


The animal care managers help care for all the animals across the entire zoo, as well as bring new animals to Akron, conservation programs, behavioral husbandry and more.

Education Team

The education team drives our mission of lifelong learning by managing all education programs, signage and interactives on zoo grounds, volunteer programs and caring for our animal ambassadors.

External Affairs Team

The external affairs team is responsible for the zoo’s fundraising, community relations, corporate giving, grant writing, fundraising events and planned giving.

Facilities and Grounds Teams

Our facilities and grounds teams keep everything at the zoo functioning and looking great. They are responsible for maintenance, horticulture and more.

Custodial Team

The custodial team work to keep the park clean and looking its best on a daily basis, plus they set up and clean up special events.

Finance Team

The finance team makes sure the zoo is good stewards of all our resources. The team handles such duties as payroll, budgeting, accounts receivable, IT and all business functions.

Guest Services Teams

When you visit the zoo, you are interacting mainly with our guest services team members. Guest Services includes the gift shop, guest experiences, facility rentals and food service who keeps everyone well fed.

Marketing Team

The marketing team handles the zoo’s advertising, public relations, special events, membership, social media, design and more.

People and Culture Team

The people and culture team is responsible for human resources, health and safety and diversity and inclusion. Safety intern, manikin Frank, is a stickler for making sure everyone at the zoo is staying safe.   

Vet Team

The vet team makes sure every animal, big or small, is healthy and is there for whenever an animal is sick or injured.  

We are grateful for every employee here at the Akron Zoo. Happy Zoo and Aquarium Month!