About Snowy Owls

Snowy owls are a diurnal owl species that live in cold, snowy habitats. Older males may be fully white, while females tend to be larger and have black or brown specks on their wings and back. These owls are some of the largest owls in the world, weighing between 3.5 and 6.5 pounds and standing 27 inches tall. Wingspans range from 4.5 to 5.5 feet. Snowy owls have excellent hearing and eyesight, and the feathering on their feet protects them from freezing.

Snowy owl mating season is in May. Pairs have varying clutch sizes, depending on the availability of food. Females will lay three to five eggs during times of limited food availability or as many as eleven eggs when food is plentiful. Females will incubate the eggs for just over a month while the male provides food. When the chicks hatch, they are heavily barred, though this coloration fades to white as they get older. The young owls begin to leave the nest a little over three weeks after hatching, and they learn to fly well at about 50 days old.

Snowy Owl at the Akron Zoo

Our snowy owls can be found in a habitat located between Grasslands Café and Wild Prairie Pavilion.

  • Frost - male, born on June 28, 2011
  • Cirrus - female, birthdate unknown
  • Flurry - female, born on July 1, 2023 to Frost and Cirrus (green band)
  • Stratus - male, born on July 3, 2023 to Frost and Cirrus (purple band)
  • Squall - male, born on July 6, 2023 to Frost and Cirrus (silver band)