About Cinereous Vultures

With an adult wingspan of about 8 - 10 feet, they are one of the largest flying birds in the world. They weigh 15 - 30 pounds (males weigh 15 - 26 pounds and females weigh 16 - 28 pounds). The females tend to be heavier than the males. This species is sometimes referred to as the "monk vulture" due to the feathers around the neck resembling the hood of a monk. 

Cinereous vultures tend to be monogamous for their entire lives, though it is not known how they choose their mates. Before laying eggs, the vultures must construct a nest, either on the tops of trees or rock ledges. Their nests are usually at least 8 feet wide and 7 feet deep and made of sticks, pine needles, branches and trash. 

Cinereous Vulture at the Akron Zoo

You can find the cinereous vultures in the Legends of the Wild area at the Akron Zoo next to snow leopard. 

  • Bondi - female, born May 14, 1999