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Tufted Titmouse

  • Order: Passeriformes
  • Family: Paridae
  • Genus: Baeolophus
  • Species: bicolor
Fun Fact

The tufted titmouse is known as an acrobatic forager, which means they jump and fly around in complex ways while foraging.

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About Tufted Titmice

They often flock with chickadees, nuthatches, and woodpeckers and they can be seen with them on feeders. They are very common in the areas that they are found, and can be heard and seen year round. They are small but can be aggressive towards birds that are smaller than them.

Because tufted titmice stay in their ranges all year long, they do hoard food in the fall and winter. They find bird feeders and take one seed at a time and stash it in a special location within 130 feet of the birdfeeder.

For breeding, these birds nest in tree holes that are either natural or excavated by woodpeckers. They then line the inner cup of their nest with hair that they find or even pluck directly from a living mammal.

Tufted Titmice in the Wild


Eastern woods below 2000 feet in elevation and can be found in backyards, parks, and orchards.


Eastern United States


They eat insects, seeds, and nuts.

Population Status

The tufted titmouse is listed as a species of “least concern.”

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