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  • Order: Rajiformes
  • Family: Dasyatidae
  • Genus: Potamotrygon
  • Species: chrysonota
Fun Fact

Stingrays are fish. They are actually related to sharks.

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    About Stingrays

    A stingray’s eyes sit on top of its body. A stingray’s mouth, nostrils and gill slits are on its underbelly. They have broad fins which give them a round, flat shape. Some rays use their fins to swim, while others use their whole body to move through the waves. Stingrays also have something called ampullae of Lorenzini around their mouth. These electrical sensors help them local prey when they are hunting. They can grow up to 6.5 feet and weigh up to 790 lbs.

    Almost all species of stingrays have barbed stingers on their tail. The stinger is used for self-defense.

    Stingrays in the Wild


    Shallow coastal waters of temperate seas.




    Stingrays are carnivores and feed on things such as clams, oysters and mussels.

    Population Status

    Most stingray species are listed by IUCN as “least concern.”

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