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Special Events FAQs


Have a question about a special event? Check out frequently asked questions below.

Is parking included in the purchase of my event ticket?  

Yes, parking is included for special events with the exception of Wild Lights and Boo at the Zoo. 

Are we allowed to stay in the park once the event is over?  

For events that happen before or during normal zoo hours, yes – admission to the park for the rest of the day is included in your reservation fee. You are welcome to remain in the park until we close.

What is the age range of a child for special events tickets?  

Ages for child tickets vary based on the event. Tickets should be purchased for any child participating in the event, regardless of age.

Can we purchase tickets in person?  

Yes, you may make reservations in person at the ticket counter inside of the Welcome Center during normal operating hours.

Can we purchase tickets the day of the event?  

Tickets may be purchased the day of the event, while supplies last. This is not recommended as we frequently sell-out reservations in advance of the event date.

How do we pick up our tickets for the event?  

There are no physical “tickets” for event registrations. When you make a purchase (online, in person, over the phone, etc.), you will receive an Event Confirmation document that shows your proof of purchase, and contains a barcode in the lower, left-hand corner of the document. This will serve as your “ticket” to enter the park. Please make sure to bring a copy of this document with you the day of your event in order to gain admittance.

What if I never received my event confirmation with the barcode?  

If you made a reservation and never received your confirmation (bar code), first turn off the pop-up blocker on your browser and log back into your account (if you have one) but if you do not have an account please click on REPRINT in the ecommerce store and enter the information needed. Again, make sure the pop up blocker is off and click PRINT TICKETS/MEMBERSHIP and you will then receive the correct page. If you still need help navigating, please 330-375-2550.

What happens if I can no longer attend the event that I made a reservation for?  

Unfortunately, we are not able to refund or exchange special event reservations due to planning and capacity requirements.

Will the event be rescheduled if weather conditions are bad?  

The Akron Zoo is a rain or shine event venue.

How do I plan a field trip?  

We are very excited to host your field trip at the Akron Zoo. We are committed to making your process from booking to visiting an easy and enjoyable experience. Please fill out our request form and we will be in touch to confirm your information, see if you have any additional questions and we will get your journey booked today!

Please note – filling out the request form does not guarantee your spot for the day. We will confirm with you on our follow-up call within 48 hours.

For any other questions, call 330-375-2550