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Red Ruffed Lemur

  • Order: Primates
  • Family: Lemuridae
  • Genus: Varecia
  • Species: Varecia Rubra
Fun Fact

Red ruffed lemurs are very vocal – they make barking noises and each of their calls has a different meaning.

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About Red Ruffed Lemurs

Red ruffed lemurs have deep rust colored fur on their whole body. Their extremities are black. Lemurs are social animals living in groups of 2-16 animals. Females are dominant in the group and defend the territory.

Red ruffed lemurs are most active in the early morning and evening and prefer to be in the top layers of the forest canopy instead of on the ground. They generally give birth to three young. At birth the young are not mobile and stay in the nest while the female looks for food.

Red Ruffed Lemurs in the Wild


Deciduous tropical forest of northern Madagascar.


Island of Madagascar


Their diet consists of fruits, nectar, seeds, and leaves.

Population Status

“Critically endangered.” Red ruffed lemurs are an endangered species, along with all lemurs. Habitat destruction, hunting and capturing for pets are the leading causes of endangerment.

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