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Polypay Sheep

  • Order: Artiodactyla
  • Family: Bovidae
  • Genus: Ovis
  • Species: aries
Fun Fact

The Polypay sheep is a combination of several breeds of sheep including Dorest, Targhee, Finnsheep and Rambouillet. It was not bred until the 1960’s.

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About Polypay Sheep

The Polypay sheep breed is a medium sized sheep with white wool and face. Rams generally weigh 190–250 pounds and ewes 140–180 pounds. They were breed to create a dual-purpose sheep, valuable for both meat and wool. Among the various breeds of domestic sheep, Polypay sheep are still a relatively new breed.

The ewes tend to be good mothers, known for protecting their lambs and producing quality milk for their offspring. The Polypay sheep has a longer breeding season and lambs tend to grow quickly.

Polypay Sheep in the Wild


Domesticated species, breed from four different breeds of sheep.


Canada to Mexico and throughout the United States


Grains, hay and grasses.

Population Status

Stable. Domesticated.

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