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Madagascar Rain Frog

  • Order: Amphibia
  • Family: Microhylidae
  • Genus: Scaphiophryne
  • Species: madagascariensis
Fun Fact

They mate during the rainy season, the males call to attract females, but their calls will also attract predators. When calling they cannot escape into the water because they are filled with air.

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About Madagascar Rain Frogs

The rain frog coloration varies from brown to grayish-green, with a white belly and red or purple thighs. They are pretty small, getting up to 1.2 inches in length. They are typically nocturnal during the rainy season and  bury themselves in the ground during the dry season.

It is unknown as to how long they live, it is known that they lay between 200 and 400 eggs during breeding season. When the tadpoles hatch, they are almost completely see-through and sift food out of the water to eat. They change into froglets in just a few weeks, right before the watering hold dries up.

Madagascar Rain Frogs in the Wild


They live in rainforests, grasslands and can be found on farmland.


Central Madagascar


They eat ants and other small insects.

Population Status

They are considered to be “near threatened” due to habitat destruction and the introduction of a predatory fish.

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