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Update: Beginning June 1, our Lunch and Learns are going on summer vacation as the zoo prepares to reopen. Thanks for hanging out with us every day and learning about our animals!  You can find our broadcast on Facebook or the Akron Zoo YouTube channel.

When the Akron Zoo was closed to the public, fans could stay engaged with the zoo through our Lunch and Learns!  

Want to see a video or rewatch one you've already viewed? Check out all the Lunch and Learns below by clicking the links. Now that the Akron Zoo is open, make sure you plan a trip to come see all the amazing animals featured in our Lunch and Learn videos.


May 28 (Wild Asia)

May 27 (Bats)

May 26 (Capybara)

May 22 (Creepy crawlers)

May 21 (Waterfowl)

May 20 (Lions/behind-the-scenes sneak peek)

May 19 (Lions/training wall)

May 15 (Endangered species)

May 14 (Animal recalls)

May 13 (Animal ambassador birds)

May 12 (Big Hanna)

May 8 (Siberian musk deer)

May 7 (Animal diets)

May 6 (Lizards)

May 5 (Owls)

May 1 (Rainforest)

April 30 (Red ruffed lemurs)

April 29 (Happy 1st Birthday Baya!)

April 28 (Andean condors)

April 27 (Turtles)

April 26 (Komodo dragons)

April 25 (Starting a new garden)

April 24 (Tour of Komodo Kingdom)

April 23 (Alpacas)

April 22 (Bald eagles)

April 21 (Jaguar)

April 20 (Poison dart frogs)

April 19 (Gardening in small spaces)

April 18 (Chilean flamingos)

April 17 (Geriatric animals)

April 16 (Tour of Landon & Cynthia Knight Pride of Africa)

April 15 (Animal [painting)

April 14 (Penguins)

April 13 (Animal ambassadors)

April 12 (AAZK)

April 11 (Carnivorous plants)

April 10 (Tour of Mike & Mary Stark Grizzly Ridge)

April 9 (River otter)

April 8 (Birds of prey)

April 7 (North American porcupine)

April 6 (Electric eels)

April 5 (Wildlife in your own backyard)

April 4 (Red wolves)

April 3 (Coyotes)

April 2 (Animal hospital tour)

April 1 (Animals that camoflauge)

March 31 (Tour of Legends of the Wild)

March 30 (Octopus)

March 29 (Birds in flight

March 28 (Jellies and Learning Lab)

March 27 (Naked mole rats and armadillo)

March 26 (Ring-tailed lemurs and blue-eyed black lemurs)

March 25 (Galapagos toirtoise)

March 24 (Goats)

March 23 (Reptiles)

March 22 (Yellow naped Amazon parrot)

March 21 (Lions)

March 20 (Kinkajou)

March 19 (Skunk and lionhead rabbit)

March 18 (Grizzly bears)

March 17 (Snow leopards)