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How Your Gift Helps


When you support the Akron Zoo, you're not only supporting the animals we care for, but also our mission as a whole. We thank you for each and every contribution. 

Our Mission

Exceptional Animal Care

At Akron Zoo animal welfare is our number one priority.  Daily our animals are provided with enriching experiences that allow them to learn, interact and exhibit natural behaviors. As a member of AZA, we continually strive to find new ways to improve the lives of animals in our care.


The Education Department at Akron Zoo is a leader in providing STEM focused education opportunities for toddlers through high school age children. We aim to educate and inspire our community to study and protect wildlife and the habitats they live in.  From field trips to camps and classes for kids and events for adults, we offer education experiences for everyone.

Conservation Initiatives

Akron Zoo is committed to conserving wildlife and wild places. Because we recognize that conservation has many levels and many meanings, our zoo’s conservation programs stretch across many as areas, including conservation education, sustainable business practices, participating in the Species Survival Plans to breed endangered species and supporting field conservation.