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Thank you to all who donated in 2017! 

#GivingTuesday is a global day of giving that follows Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. This day is dedicated to giving back after days of shopping and saving money. 

Donating to your Akron Zoo

By choosing to donate to your Akron Zoo on #Giving Tuesday, you are helping our animal care and veterinary staff give care beyond the standard dietary and wellness requirements.

With your generous donation, you could be helping:

 A golden lion tamarin receive cataract surgery to regain her eyesight

 After keepers noticed Ana was having some difficulties getting around   her exhibit, our vet staff performed an exam and discovered cataracts.   Ana was moved off-exhibit and was trained to rely on her other instincts,   like touch and hearing. Out vet team partnered with the Cleveland Eye   Clinic and Clear Choice Laser Surgery to perform cataract surgery - a   surgery never believed to be done on a primate of Ana's size (1.25 lbs).  

A jaguar to receive a root canal to repair a chipped tooth

Keepers observed that Chack's canine tooth was chipped and the tip was missing, exposing the nerve. Chack wasn't acting any differently, but keepers were able to see his tooth as he, along with the other big cats, is trained to voluntarily show the keepers his teeth, among other things. Our vet team brought in Petrov Endodontics, Inc. to perform a root canal - a first for an animal at your Akron Zoo. 

Prenatal care for breeding programs of endangered species, such as snow leopards

Keepers were able to train Shanti to undergo voluntary ultrasounds and x-rays during pregnancy. Shanti lies patiently (and enjoys a few treats) while the vet staff takes a look at the growing cubs - she even knows to lay a certain way for x-rays. These procedures give the team the opportunity to check how the pregnancy progresses, how the cubs are doing and give an expectant due date. 

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How to donate

Click the link below and select any amount of your choosing to donate. Thank you for your support for our animals and thank you for helping us care for each and every animal. 

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