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Fluorescent Coral

  • Order: Scleractinia
  • Family: Montastraeidae
  • Genus: Montastraea
  • Species: cavernosa
Fun Fact

Fluorescent corals contain proteins that act like sunscreen to protect them from too much light. 

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    About Fluorescent Corals

    Fluorescent corals are marine invertebrates which contain proteins that glow in response to different wavelengths of light. In the presence of blue and violet light, these corals fluoresce, or glow, neon orange, red, green, blue and other colors! Corals grow together to form reefs that provide habitats for 25% of the world’s marine fish.

    Fluorescent Corals in the Wild


    Corals live in colonies in shallow, subtropical waters.


    Fluorescent corals are found in the Atlantic Ocean off of the Florida coast as well as in the Indian Ocean, Coral Sea, and South Pacific Ocean around northern Australia. 


    Corals contain zooxanthellae (algae) that performs photosynthesis which produces food from sunlight. Corals also catch zooplankton with their tentacles which emerge from polyps on the coral’s exterior. 

    Population Status

    Fluorescent corals have not been evaluated independently, but overall, the coral population has been decreasing due to overfishing, pollution, unsustainable tourism and rising sea levels.